STi – Brembo Caliper Mounting Torque Specification

FRONT BREMBOS: use 60ft-lbs lubricated with copper anti-seize!

REAR BREMBOS: use 36ft-lbs lubricated with copper anti-seize!


The story… the torque spec listed in the manual are wrong for the front caliper mounting bolts.

Torque specs for front brembo caliper mounting bolts is not not 114.3 ft/lbs

Torque spec for front Brembo caliper mounting bolts is 80 ft/lbs.

The helpful brembo rep on the phone said 80 ft/lbs = 114 newton meters. Please be careful and let’s stop the insanity of snapping caliper bolts and stripping caliper threads.

There are numerous articles stating why the damn manual is wrong. Specifically, this, this and lastly, more importantly this!

On top of this, Aluminum and Steel don’t mix!  It’s called galvanic corrosion.  To combat the corrosion, the solution is to use a copper anti-seize compound.  This compound can handle high heat and deter the dreaded bonding that is galvanic corrosion.

DO NOT TORQUE TO SPEC when using anti-seize!  Each type of anti-seize has a coefficient since with anti-seize, it’s all about the squeeze or clamp load and not the torque.  I’m using Permatex Cooper Anti-Seize Lubricant #39772. Any time a torque value is given and then you use a lubricant, one should, as a rule reduce the torque value by 25%.


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