Bolt Metric Conversions

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Standard to Metric bolt conversions. Not proud but I did swipe this from Elgin Fasteners.  I’ve read that the holes in the Subaru WRX STi (VAB) front bumper are #10 and to use #10 well nuts.  But what if I wantedRead More

Rear Brake Pad Change – Mini Cooper Countryman F60

First off, FULL STOP if you do not own BMW Tool 2365377 and 2285574 or it’s ilk, do not attempt this procedure. Now, that said, Harbor Freight is a lifesaver and had Maddox 63264, Disc Brake Pad and Caliper ServiceRead More

Rear Front Lateral Link aka Rear Toe Arm

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Rear toe on the WRX STi (VA) chassis is said to be far to negative.   Removal and install is pretty straight forward.  You will need: Ball join separator 22mm box end wrench 19mm socket (1/2 preferred) 17mm socket 19mmRead More

STi – Cobb AccessPort Relevant Values

Article to discuss default ranges and values for parameters to log using the Cobb AccessPort on a 2015+ Subaru STi. Let’s read this, Cobb Tuning Guide Also this was the setting that Ed, my tuner configured for the gauges:

Front Brake Pad Change – Mini Cooper Countryman F60

To change the brake pads on an F60 Mini Cooper Countryman, you are going to need these tools (jack with pad not pictured):   Secondly, look everything up using the newtis so that you know the torque spec and disassembly instructions.Read More

Subaru STi 2015+ (VA) Alignment Spec

UPDATE: After reading this article on iWSTi, and observing my tires for about 1,000 miles, I believe that the car will benefit from additional addition camber in the front and accordingly, 1/2 of that in the rear.  So with theRead More

STi – Coilover Suspension Install NeoMax Silvers

Coilover Install!   UPDATE: 20MAY30 – Fronts: 14 clicks Rears: 12 clicks Felt much better.  The car is more stiff and responsive.  7 clicks in the rear was way to low.  12 seems to match the bump better.  +1 betweenRead More

STi – Brembo Caliper Mounting Torque Specification

FRONT BREMBOS: use 60ft-lbs lubricated with copper anti-seize! REAR BREMBOS: use 36ft-lbs lubricated with copper anti-seize!   The story… the torque spec listed in the manual are wrong for the front caliper mounting bolts. Torque specs for front brembo caliperRead More

Summer Projects 2019

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French DrainsBy the house, 5ft long by 2 ft wideBackyard Drain should be approximately? Electrical Project3 outlets up top and 2 outlets in parking area with added pathway lighting Trim Fence Doors Trees cut Pressure wash and paint Fence LongRead More

Assetto Corsa – Tire Pressures

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Tire pressures are key in Assetto Corsa and often they need to be set significantly lower to get the right amount of grip. This is from a RaceDepartment forum post. Someone found the ideal pressure for each car. While thisRead More